• HR-550 Plant Intelligence Spectrometer

    The new HR-550 breaks through the traditional light quantum calculation to combine the photosynthesis plant physiological parameters of photosynthesis, solve the problem of optical signal and data analysis, and connect the light information with precise operation.

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  • Walk In Growth Chamber

    Our chambers are versatile and can be set up with large range of construction materials,lights, shelf types, air circulation and options. Each plant has a different approach and growth characteristics that we take in count. Polar, tempered or tropical environment, we meet all our customers requirements for all type of application.

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  • Plant Factory

    Let us tell you why the development of the plant factory industry has economic and ecological...

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  • F/FH/FC/FHC 740 Series

    High precision, versatility, stability and innovation are at the heart of the 740 Series. A stable environment, temperature, humidity, light, carbon dioxide or control is an important condition for scientists to pay attention to details.

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